Here are some of the most asked questions. There is quite a bit of information here. Feel free to contact me for a human conversation.

Q     What services do you offer for professional photographers?
A     I offer most services that a professional photographer would need to run a busy and successful photography business.
This includes image culling & meta-taging, First round raw conversion of images. Second round retouching/manipulation of images, custom black and white's, wedding album design, deep etching, object removal, brochure and price list design, online gallery hosting for images.

Q     Where is your retouching studio located?
A     I am an Australian based image retoucher and editor. My studio is located in Tuart Hill, Perth metro area (North of River), Western Australia. However I do retouching services for photographers from the South West of WA, through to the East coast of Australia, and Adelaide.

Q     Who does the work?
A    All the file editing, wedding album design, retouching and Photoshop work is done by myself onsite in my studio. Nothing is ever outsourced.

Q     What is a first round raw conversion?
A     First round raw conversion includes full colour correction and range expansion (opening up of shadow detail) of your image. Saturation boost, contrast and sharpening are also applied at this stage.

Q     What is included in second round retouching/manipulation?
A     Second round retouches are ready for printing/albums or delivery. This process includes everything in a first round raw conversion, plus these extras. Custom dodge and burn, burn to edges, minor retouching and clean up of faces, liquefying/thinning if needed, cropping and straightening if needed, minor object removal, red eye removal, black and white or effects (colour grading)

Q     What style of colour image do you produce?
A     I produce crisp, clear and accurate colour.  My overall goal is to replicate what you would have seen with your eye when you took the photo. Click here to view examples.

Q     What style of Black and white image do you produce?
A     I produce crisp, clean and contrasty black and whites. Generally with heavy burning to the edges. Faces are usually lifted to create the a focal point. My black and white images are never flat or muddy. Click here to view examples.

Q     What software do you use?
A     All files are processed with Adobe Photoshop. I never use Lightroom. More importantly I never use pre-sets.

Q     Why don't you not use Lightroom?
A     To answer this simply.....Lightroom is just not the best tool available for photo editing. It is an "okay" tool, but just not the best. Any tasks that can be done in Lightroom can simply be done better in Photoshop.

Q     Do you use calibrated monitors?
A     Yes, I use Eizo Colour Edge monitors. My monitor calibration is White point D65. Gamma 2.2 and Luminance 90 cd/m2.

Q     How can I send jobs to you?
A     Projects can be uploaded via web, or sent via post on USB or hard drive. You can also use my free FTP service (up to20gb)

Q     What is your turn around time?
A     Turnaround times are usually 2 to 3 working days. Sometimes during peak times this can lead to 4 to 5 days. However I will always do my best to rush those emergency jobs through. I never charge extra for rush jobs.

Q     How do you return my completed projects?
A     Completed projects can be either picked up from the studio, posted via mail, or uploaded to you via FTP (up to 20GB) at no extra cost.

Q     Do you keep a back up of the work you produce?
A    Yes. All jobs submitted are stored for a period of one year from the time of completion. Some clients even have their own "off site" back up drives here at the studio.

Q     What colour space do you use?
A     I always process my files in Adobe RGB 1998. This is quite simply the best colour space for accurate print reproduction. However if your workflow involves Srgb I can also do this for you.

Q     Do you edit portrait shoots?
A     Yes I have edited hundreds of family & children portrait shoots, for portrait photographers all around Australia. These shoots include both studio and on location images.

Q     Do you edit fashion photography?
A     Yes I retouch fashion images, and can do hi end edits for you. Send me some pics and I can do some free samples.

Q     Can you drop ship completed weddings directly to my clients?
A     Yes absolutely. I can package your completed weddings in an awesome display folio and courier or post them to your clients on your behalf.