welcome to the third Contrast

Hello! My name is Ben. I love retouching digital images so that you don't have to.

I started working with photographs long before digital took over, printing from film for professional photographers, and from there I moved on to C41 film processing and E6 Slide processing. Along the way I learned how to manage chemistry and plot charts to take an objective scientific approach to colour management that achieved spectacular results for my clients.

My transition into digital imaging involved scanning hundreds, if not thousands of negatives and transparencies into a usable digital format that reflected the photographers original capture.

As digital photography became the primary capture, the brief from photographers changed to include manipulation and effects which was an exciting opportunity to do more than just basic outputs.

In 2003 I started my own boutique digital editing business which provided enhanced photographic workflow solutions for professional photographers. This included raw file conversion, creative image manipulation, and backing-up services.  My specialties are enhancing wedding images  & creating wedding album designs.

Please do not hesitate to call my studio today.